3 years Work anniversary for Intrust Care

Reply to Intrust Care : – Thank you so much for your appreciation, nearly in tears here LOL!!! It has been a great pleasure to work for Intrust Care for the past 3 years. I only started in local Community Care in 2016…after years of travelling around the whole of the UK and Channel Islands, delivering IT training to people in all of the different UK business sectors. My greatest love has always been helping others and I have only ever worked for organisations that I feel have integrity…so thank you x.

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Corona Virus – The Coverup of the Century

Simone Goa – The Coverup of the Century – Thank you Simone Goa don’t know how I found you on Twitter but I did and cannot thank you enough for your video which I have passed around to friends. Thank you for your story and truth about China, God Bless you always – 15 July 2020

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UK Locks down March 2020 – Corona Virus

My original Facebook post on Monday 23rd March 2020 – UK Lockdown

Sandy Grey, Carer

Sitting in my car and trying out my mask given to me on Monday 23rd March 2020 via our office to wear when we enter our client’s houses

Dear friends and family thank you for all your lovely supportive messages, I collected my mask on Monday morning this week from our office with more PPE kit that we usually have:- gloves, aprons and our 2 lovely lady directors made us some hand gel so just took my bottles in for a refill. KEEP SAFE!!! EVERYONE!! BE PRAYERFUL not just in these dark times but ALWAYS!! IJN AMEN

***Update 21st June 2020*** all my clients and their families have been safe during lock down and none of us have had the virus so I give God the Praise.

Psalm 91 – Prayer of Protection – I learnt this off by heart many years ago



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Thy Kingdom Come – Videos

‘What do we mean when we pray Thy Kingdom Come???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 if you are looking for peace in this world here is your answer listen to Rev. Nicky Gumbel & Archbishop Justin Welby


What do we mean when we pray Thy Kingdom Come?’??🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 if you are looking for peace in this world here is your answer listen to Rev Celia Apeagyei-Collins & Archbishop Justin Welby @JustinWelby #WATCH their #video

Thy Kingdom Come 2020 Wrap Up Video

Thy Kingdom Come – 2020 Anthem

Day 2 – Praise – Thy Kingdom Come Song 2020

Thy Kingdom Come Pentecost Service 2020 – 31 May 2020

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On Line Virtual Church Services from All Saints, Milton Keynes Village

Since the UK has been locked down from 23rd March 2020 due to Corona virus pandemic, we have been blessed to have our Church create online services each week. I have been sharing our links on social media Facebook, Twitter every week since then.

Each Saturday night we update the Sunday Service Link on our Church website.
For those of you who would like to join each worship provided by Rev Matt Trendall click link: http://www.allsaintschurchmkvillage.co.uk/sundays/👏👏

Daily Inspiration to help you through the current world pandemic crisis: These can be found at http://www.allsaintschurchmkvillage.co.uk/daily-inspiration/

👏🥰😍 Sunday 21st June 2020 – ‘The Prodigal Son ‘Our Journey Home’
All Saints Church Virtual Service


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Waking Up and Understanding How This World Works

Back in 2008 I could not understand why the Bankers had done what they had done, re the Banking Crisis. I kept mentioning this to someone in a church I had joined and he said to read the first 5 books of the Bible, well I did that Christmas 2008 and that is what opened my eyes to the whole world system I could not believe what I had learnt just reading. God opened my eyes, I found out about the Rothschild’s and how most people in USA thought the Federal Reserve was a bank. I know many people would have known all of this without reading the Bible, but somehow that was how I was lead spiritually…I am totally amazed and grateful to this day…I had also trained people in IT back in the 80’s through to 2014..I had trained the Pharmaceutical industry and GP’s and the NHS…once I had revelation, I could see there was a lot of dead bankers, and dead doctors who wanted to speak out about the system. Somehow one day I was short of iron so I went to the doctors my file is very thin as nothing usually wrong. They told me to take some iron tablets. When I got home I told a friend he said forget those and I will send you bottle of Limu, dark red in colour tastes very nice, he said just to have a little each day…made of seaweed, doctors who were into alternative medicine rated it, it could cure all ills, I got a magazine sent with it from a company in the USA called Vitamark. I loved the product and went back to see the doctors a couple of weeks later. When they tested me they were shocked they said the tablets were working, I told 3 of them NO, I would never take your iron tablets and pulled the bottle of Limu from under my jacket, the three of these grasped in shocked and grabbed the bottle to have a look..How they marvelled LOL!!! so there you go, Big Pharma always pushing their drugs. Now if they wanted to prescribe that to patients they would have not been allowed to as Big Pharma rep detail their drugs to GP’s so that is a real story I thought I would share with you all here. My parents when I was young told me never ever to be a candidate to test out any new drug….they have left this earth now….back in 1984…and 2001…but they knew they had wisdom..so many of the older generation knows what the wicked cabal are trying to do to mankind. – This is my story be Wise everyone, open your eyes.😉 P.S. Limu last time I checked is now up to over £1,000 a bottle if it is still available. I would be very interested on any information of any product that can perform as well as Limu, thank you in advance…

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More UK Brits turn to prayer

👏👏All I can say is “Hallelujah” on seeing this post!! GOD is Sovereign!

UK Brits turn to prayer - 3rd May 2020

You can still read this newspaper article dated 3 May 2020 on link below:-


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Coronavirus 2020 – The Real Truth

I have no fear – Psalm 91 protects us!! So many prayers went up into the atmosphere at Easter April 2020 around the world, and since then people are finding out the truth of the evil cabal. I don’t have to mention any names as you will know who they are. So if you guys want to find the truth, I certainly have found it, check out these videos online: videos by Veritas TV, Doctor Rashid A. Buttar, Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, and Dafna Tachover – Attorney and Founder of We Are The Evidence, Testifies in Opposition to 5G

THE CORONA CHRONICLES 1 & 2 : BECAUSE LIES ARE THE VIRUS AND TRUTH IS THE CURE – This  video due to their censoring has been removed by YouTube

Excellent video to watch to get the background of what China has been doing few years before 2020. 1st documentary movie on the origin of CCP virus, Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus

Dr Rashid Buttar exposes Gates, Fauci FAKE pandemic – This  video due to their censoring has been removed by YouTube – found on Bitchute – click link below and signed up for free and view.

Rashid A Buttar Video on Bitchute

Click the link —> https://www.bitchute.com/video/hEJo0N8693RL/

Website askdrbuttar.com/nnn – covid is not an issue / misinformation of truth by press

Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD. Inventor of Email
Dr.SHIVA LIVE: Getting US On the Ballot to WIN Truth Freedom Health, NOW

Dafna Tachover, Attorney and Founder of We Are The Evidence, Testifies in Opposition to 5G in MI

A brilliant lady – but this video has been suppressed by main stream so not thousands of views.

I and friends have signed this petition Sunday 19th April 2020 although we live in the England, United Kingdom.
We Call For Investigations Into The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation For Medical Malpractice & Crimes Against Humanity

Freedom of Speech!

Brian Rose, London Real – New Platform

DAVID ICKE – The Master of them all he has been telling us for 30 years
His videos due to their censoring (no free speech allowed) has been removed by YouTube so follow on:-

https://davidicke.com/ and https://www.ickonic.com/


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Brexit EU Referendum God Always Prevails

Written 26th June 2016

George Soros The Evil Puppet Master behind the EU tried to defy GOD. He broke the Bank of England in 1992…he was the Master behind all the scare-mongering in British Politics with regards to the EU Referendum…millions of British people were deceived…that they voted ‘Remain’ but GOD always has the final say. Never have I seen so much rain where Waterloo Train Station in London was flooded and so many places in London…at the time I felt sorry for the people who were stuck on trains in the evening saying that they would not be able to get home to vote, this was all over the news and seemed catastrophic, I was amazed. I questioned in my mind for only a moment will this affect Brexit votes, what if those people can’t get home to vote? then I immediately thought God is in Control. At the time I thought how stupid of people if your vote is important to you, why did you not vote in the morning at 7am before leaving for work, something I have always done? as anything can happen. On Friday morning 24 June I knew God was behind our Wonderful Brexit result…but how did Our Almighty God do it? lol! he sent 1 month of rain in 3 hours into London where 75% of them voted for Remain…lol Thank You Jesus…..as George Soros had done a great job putting so much fear into people minds it backfired and they were fearful after getting home in all the floods to go out and vote ..sadly many in the not too distant future will also take the Mark of the Beast..because once again that will be bought about by fear of you not able to buy or sell…this means food too (Revelation 13 1;18 King James Bible), so people better wake up and put their trust in God. You need to walk with God in the Spiritual. Many will say they are Christians, many will say they believe in God, but when a test like this comes and you get hoodwinked by evil men like George Soros, it shows your running on empty and not filled up with the Spirit of God, so you better take this seriously and start this minute, building your relationship with God your Almighty Father in heaven..The book of Matthew in the bible is a good place to start. Wonderful to come across this article. George Soros thinks he is bigger than God! We pray for his Salvation. God’s power will always prevail in Jesus Name, Amen!

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Christian Concern

Where is the #church in the midst of the corona virus crisis? asks chief executive, Andrea Williams of Christian Concern.  Who calls for the Church to repent of its silence in the face of sin and to speak the truth of #Jesus Christ in the midst of the pandemic


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